220 Matthews Street                                                                        

The Museum is housed in the former Masonic Lodge Building with additional exhibits in the Museum barn built in 1996. The large collection of articles and artifacts displays the history of Windthorst and the surrounding area.  We currently display 4,332 articles .

The Windthorst Museum is open Saturday and Sunday from 2 – 4 pm.  Come for a visit.  For viewing other than during regular hours contact either Merle Dayman  306 224 4323 or Raye Hassler 306 224 0000



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  1. 5-20-2016

    I just received my mother’s adoption papers today and her birth mom is from Windthorst According to the adoption papers(my mom was born in Edmonton on April 10th 1933) her birth mom is Clarice Blanche Strum. I am just wondering if there are any Strum family members left in your town or if you have any artifacts from this family. My name is Gale Penner and I am the daughter of Kathleen Patricia Salter who was born Gwendolyn Strum and adopted by Thomas and Eva Scott. My mom never knew she was adopted until she was in her 30’s and she never told any of her children until we were adults. She ended up moving to Ireland when she was 13 months old and grew up there until she moved back to Canada, where she married my father Morgan Salter. She passed away in 2004. I can be reached by the above email. My address is 1061 Zinnia Court Victoria, BC. phone #250-479-0065.

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