Windthorst is a member of the Red Coat Waste Resource Authority – a joint effort of approximately 20 communities. Waste and recycle collection is provided by Loraas Disposal and is scheduled for Thursday mornings.  Residents need to have their bins on their front street by 7 am.  Waste and Recycle collection alternates weekly.

Bins are provided by the Village and collection is a service provided free of charge to our residents. As well a local transfer site is available for yard refuse and appliances. Other waste must be taken to the regional authority’s land fill located 4 miles south of Kipling on the 605 Grid.  Disposal fees apply at the landfill site and for appliances at the transfer site.


Windthorst also offers bins for residents for larger clean up or renovation projects. Rental is $125 per week – which includes delivery and pick-up of the bin.  If you require a bin, please contact the Village Office at 306 224 2033.

Compost Site – Located beside the community gardens, our compost site is for garden refuse and grass clippings. We request larger trees etc be taken to the transfer station at no cost.

Our Community Garden has plots available for residents’ use during gardening season. The area is maintained by committee (you have to do your own weeding!).  If you are interested in available sites, please contact the Village Office.


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