Windthorst Little Theatre 2 2013In 1939, before most communities were even aware of the term “dinner theatre”, Jean Glover laid the foundation for a long standing tradition that continues to this day. As founder of the Windthorst Little Theatre, Jean worked tirelessly choosing plays that would involve everyone and anyone who wanted to try. She believed in accessibility for all. Once she had her play, she cast it making sure no one was left out. Then under her guidance as director, she rehearsed the piece until it was ready. Since directing wasn’t enough, Jean also often took on the jobs of costumes, properties, make up and set design. Without Jean, Windthorst Little Theatre would likely not exist and it certainly wouldn’t have the rich history that it currently enjoys. Multigenerations have been inspired by her efforts which have provided, at times, the only access to live theatre in the area and fostered a life long love of the arts for many in the district. From 1939 to 1994, Jean directed about 200 people in nearly 60 live plays. In that number, two generations of no fewer than eight families have been involved.


For her dedication to the promotion of local theatre Jean was one of six inaugural inductees into the Margaret Woodward Memorial Saskatchewan Theatre Hall of Fame on October 28, 2001. Jean was recognized for her contribution as a Windthorst director of Community Theatre, inspiring several generations of theatrical support and participation.


The Little Theatre tradition continues today. The current director, Yvonne Hengen, is one of five Little Theatre members who has been involved in more than 25 plays.

New cast members join with the current members to provide an evening of entertainment that is second to none. Each November, Little Theatre presents a play in conjunction with 2 nights (Friday – Saturday) of “Dinner Theatre”. On the Monday evening, an “Open Show” is performed for all those unable to attend one of the dinners.


Little Theatre 2011Through the years the money raised has been donated to various worthy causes in the community and the country.

Among the dozens of beneficiaries over the years were the Red Cross, minor ball teams, the skating club, the fire brigade and the library. There have also been contributions toward the construction of the community hall and arena.



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    dates for 2017 Little Theatre

    • 11-14-2017

      Unfortunately, there will be no Little Theatre performances this fall.

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