Photo by Kenneth Kerr, Highway48online.ca

In April 1954 the Windthorst Horticulture Society was formed. A horticulture show has been held each year except for 1961 when it was cancelled because of drought. The show is held in August and provides friendly competition, serves to show what can be grown in our gardens and introduces new and recommended varieties of flowers, vegetables and fruit. The youth of the community are encouraged to take part with many growing their own gardens and entering several educational categories in the Horticulture Show.


Each year we hold a garden tour and try to have monthly meetings as well as extra flower shows – examples: Spring bulbs; Peony; Rose & Lily, Fall Flowers.


Members share their surplus plants, shrubs and seeds at the annual sale in May. Local greenhouses and crafts people also have booths at the May sale.


Members also maintain the community flower beds and pots at the entrances to the Village; the Cenotaph, Library and Recreation centre. These members are known as “The Bloomers”.


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