102 Matthews Street,

P.O. Box 149, Windthorst, SK S0G5G0

(306) 224 2109

 Custom Golf Clubmaker Wayne Lewis can help you with your game!

  • Putters & Wedges
  • Irons & Woods
  • Club Repairs & Alterations 

Can’t get a grip on your golf game? Are your golf grips slippery and worn out? Grips too small or too large for you?  New properly size grips give you a secure, comfortable hold on your clubs and are the least expensive way to help save a few strokes!

Are the shafts in your clubs broken or bent? Most shafts, graphite or steel, can be replaced!

Do you feel your clubs are too long or too short for you? Bring them in to be measured for length.  Most clubs can be lengthened or shortened.  Having all your clubs, including your putter, the correct length is a very important factor in improving your game!

Do you need a new club or clubs? I can help you with that as well!  Woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters!

Remember, that the fall and winter seasons are a great time to have work done on your golf clubs, so they will be ready for playing come spring.  I have been involved in Golf club repair and custom building since 1993 and I look forward to serving you!


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